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fresh start
Fresh start

New Year is the right time... read more

puppy love
A need to belong

Emotional ties to others
... read more

clicking with therapist
'Clicking' with your therapist

Don’t rush into selecting ... read more

nobody perfect
Nobody's perfect

Poor body image can lead to .. read more


Never give up hope
.. read more

deepest pain
The deepest pain

Just being there is enough.. read more

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deepest pain
Relationships -

Healthy relationship
Healthy livestyle ..
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Patti Carmalt-Vener, M.F.T.

Patti is a licensed marriage, family and child therapist in private practice for over 30 years, covering a broad spectrum of patients including individuals, couples, and families. She is highly trained in intensive and accelerated psychotherapy, a certified hypnotherapist, and past director of a teens at risk program, and a substance abuse center.

Patients often say they’ve accomplished more in just a few hours in working with her than they have in years of therapy in the past. Patti has offices in Pasadena, Santa Monica and Canoga Park, California.

She has written well over 70 articles published in 7 newspapers and magazines. In this site, you'll have access to her latest articles, more information on psychotherapy,

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Lic.# MFC 27282

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